Who we are

STS Prunéřov is a supplier of a European distribution system for shipping containers for car parts and other industries. You can find our products all over the world, from EU countries to the US. We regularly undergo production restructuring with the aim of improving production and focusing on the customer. Our production is focused on a wide range of shipping containers according to the ideas of our business partners.


The history of STS Prunéřov dates back to its foundation in 1957. Back then it was a state-owned enterprise for the production and repair of agricultural machinery. In 1992, the company moved to the private sector. Then it underwent a period of cooperation with the automotive industry, namely the production of shipping containers and steel structures, and the production of two-axle and three-axle freight semi-trailers for international road transport.


Since the beginning of 2012, the main specific product range has become the supply of shipping containers for the automotive industry and other industries. Global robotization has forced STS Prunéřov to focus production on supplies for automated robotic lines and manual lines. Annual optimized expenditures on infrastructure, modernization of production, development and increased requirements for quality of work guarantee business partners the fulfillment of required criteria.


Corporate structure

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Jiří Malý
  • Members of the Board of Directors:
    • Jiří Malý – Chairman of the Board of Directors
    • Martina Malá - Member
    • Kevin Ryšánek - Member


Our first and foremost objective is quality. STS Prunéřov is fully aware of its position in the market. Cooperation with us must give our customers what they need and want.

Our standards

  • We approach inspections individually and responsibly, with regular evaluation of errors.
  • We regularly invest in restructuring.
  • We are eco-friendly.
  • We offer our own logistics facilities.
  • We invest in the education of our employees and the training of our own team of managers.



We are currently recruiting new colleagues and collaborators. If you are interested in working with us, visit us or send a structured résumé to vyroba@stspru.cz.

Offered job positions:

  • Electrician
  • Welder
  • Outgoing inspection