In the case of free production capacity, we can offer customers mechanical engineering production in a complete block or in individual sections. In the price list below, you can roughly calculate your costs; the prices are listed excluding VAT. Payments can be made based on an invoice with a maturity of up to 14 calendar days, or in cash by payment on the spot upon receipt of the goods. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Matějka at +420 602 246 452, or by email at

STS Prunéřov a.s. price list - small volume order
Activity Price excluding VAT / hour
Sheet metal cutting up to a thickness of 5mm 700 CZK
Drilling 500 CZK
CNC drilling 1 000 CZK
Turning 700 CZK
CNC milling 1 000 CZK
Metal cutting 600 CZK
Bending 600 CZK
Plasma cutting 1 000 CZK
Laser cutting 1 300 CZK
Blasting 700 CZK
Painting - excluding price of paint 700 CZK
Welding 700 CZK
Handling 400 CZK