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We produce steel shipping containers for manual, mechanical and robotic loading of parts into lines for maritime, road and railway transport of parts. Target customers are the automotive and machinery industries.

We can produce specified containers for any part according to the client's request!


In the field of development, we focus on the details of individual products in terms of functionality, quality and reliability. Our development team will make the ideal model for the customer's test phase for each product series. The development team works with customer feedback. We carry out development at a theoretical level in Autocad and Solid Edge software. The goal is to find a quality and reliable solution at a reasonable price.

Innovation and refurbishment

In the area of innovation of your existing components, we offer operational solutions by modifying obsolete containers for a new purpose. This basically consists in recycling existing materials according to the customer's request. Very often, several design modifications are all it takes to transport a new product in existing containers. However, this does not mean that innovation is necessary at all costs. We can prepare a price calculation for a new or refurbished product. The customer will decide which solution he prefers.


We prepare documentation for each product. We supply the following with the product as standard: budget, invoice, 3D drawing of the overall view without dimensions. Invoices also serve as a document for potential complaints. We provide a warranty for the product according to the service life of the product components, but for no longer than 48 months from the delivery of the goods.

Production capacity

Production in our company is focused on the end result. Up to 150 employees with a production capacity of up to 2,000 medium-sized transport containers per month and a delivery time of up to 4 weeks participate in direct production. We completely focus production on the client's needs.

Four-stage control

We enforce four stages of control in order to capture production negatives, or to discover malfunctions in processing according to customer requirements. During the inspections, we send feedback reports with the quality inspector to the production manager due to flexibility in eliminating individual degrees of defects.


Design in 3D model

Based on innovations and restructuring, we proceeded to the elaboration of project documentation for each type of product. According to your designs and requirements, we are able to process draft documentation for specified orders in 3D with software (Autocad and Solid Edge). This draft documentation is your property and is included in the price of the product.

Material preparation - Material preparation aims at meeting the conditions of complete product preparation... more

in modular version. The production preparation section is divided into functional groups. Production preparation is directly linked to logistics, and it performs complete production preparation, including galvanizing. We are currently capable of large format laser cutting up to a thickness of 15 mm. Commonly used technological processes in preparation include: cutting, shaping, CNC plasma, CNC laser, blasting, metallization, machining, drilling and grinding.

Construction - The construction of steel parts focuses on the accuracy of welded parts more

To achieve the required accuracy and to maintain the angular range, preparations are made for each product that are repeatedly inspected according to the total quantity in a series and the articulation of the product. Welding is done manually with precise accuracy. For steel products that are intended for the automotive industry, there is a high demand for accuracy due to the subsequent handling of the transport container by a robot at the customer's premises. We perform welding work in several stages of production.

Surface treatment by painting - Surface treatment by painting is performed according to customer requirements more

Synthetic paint KH13 has proven to be suitable, guaranteeing the required final condition of the surface at a very favorable price. Base coats are naturally applied under the top coats. We can provide the required range of gloss or matte thanks to long-term cooperation with a paint manufacturer. The color range is supplied in RAL standards. We can also use another type of paint, e.g. two-component, car paint, acetone paint, water-soluble paint, or weld through paint.

We use abrasive jets to prepare the surfaces if the surface of the material is excessively dirty. We also use jets to treat the surface of the material in preparation for galvanizing. We apply paints with a high-pressure spraying device, which ensures even application of the paint on the surface of the material. We can also meet customers' requirements for the strength of the paint.

Final assembly - Final assembly is carried out in two independent centers. more

In the first center, containers undergo the following process:

  • Rough product assembly
  • Assembly of individual parts
  • Product testing in completely assembled state
  • Revision of functionality by adjusting individual contact surfaces

After the product is assembled by the assembly team, it passes through the marking team, which templates the product, marks it and applies labels according to the customer's requirements. This team is the last to inspect the production section.

Inspection - 10-100% of a series of products undergo inspection. more

A quality inspector managed by the technology department performs these inspections. The inspection is performed by analog measurement, visual inspection, and also by laser, if requested by the customer.

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